Botulinum toxin is approved for the treatment of numerous disorders and conditions to enhance people’s lives. This is for both Medical and Aesthetic Purposes, Dr Kate is exceptionally meticulous in all of these areas, please see treatment list below. At the time of your consultation, Dr Kate’s visual full facial mapping analysis is carried out before advising accordingly. 

Jowl Prevention

soften and firm jowls by relaxing the Platysma muscle, this prevents the jawline from being pulled down


Botox prevents excessive sweating by blocking a chemical in your body that stimulates the sweat glands.

Gummy Smile

A minimally invasive injection of botox into the hyperactive muscles of upper lip reduces the upward movement of lip thus, resulting in less of a gummy smile.

Facial Asymmetry

Natural facial asymmetry or nerve paralysis can be distressing to patients, using advanced facial biology knowledge Dr Kate is able to treat using anti-wrinkle injections.

Eye Spasms (blepharospasms)

the Botulinum toxin is injected into individual muscles to reduce the tone in that muscle, preventing the spasms.


migraines can be extremely disruptive in people’s lives, using anti-wrinkle injections have been proven to improve migraines by over 50% following two treatments.

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